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Bernadette Hanlon

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Bernadette Hanlon is Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning at Ohio State University. She is also Chair of the Bachelor of Science City and Regional Planning Program at the Ohio State University and Editor of the Journal of Urban Affairs, one of two journals of the Urban Affairs Association. Dr. Hanlon specializes in the study of metropolitan regions, focusing on suburban transformation, housing conditions and community development. She is the author of three books, Once the American Dream: Inner-ring Suburbs in the Metropolitan United StatesCities and Suburbs: New Metropolitan Realities in the US (with John Rennie Short and Thomas J. Vicino) and Global Migration: The Basics (with Thomas J. Vicino), and co-editor (with Thomas J. Vicino) of The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs. She is also author of numerous articles in some of the leading journals in urban studies. 

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The Routledge Companion to the Suburbs provides one of the most comprehensive examinations available to date of the suburbsaround the world. International in scope and interdisciplinary in nature, this volume will serve as the definitive reference for scholars and students of the suburbs


Bernadette Hanlon and Whitney Airgood-Obrycki (2018). Suburban Revalorization: Residential Infill and Rehabilitation in Baltimore County's Older Suburbs, Environment and Planning A 50(4) 895-921


Global Migration: The Basics challenges students of geography, political science, public policy, sociology, and economics to look beyond the rhetoric and consider the real and basic facts about migration. Through detailed examinations of the scholarly literature, demographic patterns, and public policy debates, Global Migration: The Basics exposes readers to the underlying causes and consequences of migration
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I focus on housing and community development as well as equity planning practice. Examples of some courses I teach

Adult Students

Planning Theory


Planning for Housing

As part of the graduate and undergraduate city and regional planning program, students are required to take a studio course. These courses are project-based classes where students work together to produce a product for a client. This experience is like real-life planning. My studio courses focus on neighborhood planning. An example is the One Linden neighborhood plan.

This course examines the underlying theoretical foundations for contemporary urban planning practice. Students will examine theories about how urban planners’ practice(d) or ought to practice their trade. Over the years, there have been a number of different “turns” in planning for cities, most recently a communicative turn and a focus on planning for the multicultural city. This course explores such turns in theory and in practice by focusing on questions and issues around public involvement and advocacy by different groups in the planning process as well as the ways in which the city itself has evolved.

This course examines different aspects of planning for affordable housing, with a primary focus on affordable housing for low income families and neighborhoods in Ohio. We examine how affordable housing is defined and characterized; explore how housing intersects with issues such as poverty and community development; and engage in active research with the goal of guiding housing policy implementation in Ohio. In past classes, our students have presented to the Columbus City Council, in the spotlight and changing policy.

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Contact Dr. Bernadette Hanlon to discuss her published work, teaching, collaboration opportunities or for any other inquiries.

The Ohio State University
Knowlton Hall, Room 272
275 West Woodruff Avenue
Columbus Ohio 43210


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